It is a long way from the birth of a book to a reader, but every book finds its reader.

We successfully represent established publishers in Slovenia and abroad. As a book distribution company we have maintained a strong presence in all Slovenian public libraries and in 150 Slovenian bookstores for several years now. We distribute books to the two largest bookstore networks: DZS and Mladinska knjiga. Apart from that, we offer books on specific topics to institutions and customers that might be interested in them.

Your books are distributed by our sales network and featured in our online bookstore.

Foreign publishers – Translation and the implementation of the whole book production process

We provide foreign publishers with translations into Slovene language. Our team of experienced translators, language editors, editors and designers makes sure you take all the necessary steps in one place – from the birth to the sale. A bestseller in your country can become a bestseller in Slovenia as well. 

Another option we offer is digital printing. If you choose our printing services and you are based outside of EU, you avoid transportation costs and customs duties.



Book printing trends are changing. The number of printed copies is still the key element that dictates the final price of the book. Despite that, the latest digital machines compete more and more fiercely with traditional printing machines. The price and quality of a digital print have come very close to the one made by traditional offset printing and in many cases digital printing even turns out to be a better solution.

A non-expert usually cannot tell a difference between the two technologies. The processes and the preparation for printing are the same as those for traditional printing, but everything that follows the preparation is much faster and simpler.

In some cases, you can receive the printed book the same day or the day after you hand in your digital material. With offset printing the process can take as long as one week or even more.

The main advantage of digital printing over the traditional one is print on demand. You can print as many books as you like: from 4 up to 500 copies. This ensures you avoid unnecessary stock build-up, while you do business with minimum operation quantity.

With our combination of digital printing and book distribution, Primus offers you the optimal solution for the publication of new books. You can put your product on the market at practically zero cost of printing. We will only print as many copies as we sell. The difference between the price for printing and the agreed price for distribution will be transferred back to your bank account. Copies you wish to keep for yourself will also be charged.

Make no compromises when it comes to implementation. Choose the best implementer for your book!


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