CHARAKA SCHOOL OF AYURVEDA - Junior Ayurveda Assistance (JAA)

First Semester in Slovenia at Lesce near lake Bled at the place of our generous host Andreja and Žiga Kovač

From 19 April 10 AM to 25 April 6 PM

First semester is the Introductory and practical aspects of Ayurveda including Ayurvedic cooking. The emphasis is especially on Integration of Ayurvedic Life style in your daily routine. The study will continue with 4 Internet sessions and then second and third semesters every half yearly.




The entire syllabus for JAA:

1. History of Ayurveda along with its evolution through 5000 years

2. Ayurveda and its practice in our times

3. Ayurvedic principles of cosmic unity and oneness of the body with the cosmos

4. The seven dimensions of being: vata, pitta, kapha, rajas, sattva, tamas and the principal energy or the cause of being

5. Fundamental human constitution or prakriti

6. Ayurvedic diagnostic methods: stool, urine, body temperature, pulse, skin, and so on.

7. Outer and inner cleaning practices of the body (panchakarma)

8. Detoxification of the body

9. Ayurvedic multidimensional therapy

10. Rasa theory and its application in nutrition and drug

11. Ayurvedic principles of nutrition

12. Ayurvedic cooking

13. Ayurvedic therapeutic yoga

14. Ayurvedic abdominal massage as diagnosis and therapy

15. Ayurvedic whole body massage and marma therapy

16. Pain-relieving therapeutic external measures

17. Preparation of some Ayurvedic remedies

18. Ayurvedic psychology and its application in healing

19. Ayurvedic spiritual therapy and its application in healing

The above programme for JAA is completed in three semesters done every six monthly. There is a possibility to come to our Himalayan Centre to do the third semester.

After the end of the study of Part I, you are supposed to live the Ayurveda way and you get 4 internet communications with me to discuss your practice. This is the reason to leave a gap between the two semesters.

During the second semester, there is the first exam based on the study of the first semester and during the third semester, there is second exam based on the second semester. Third exam is a training that takes place in the last part of the third semester. After the third semester, you are given an assignment to write and submit in two months. After completion, you are given a certificate of Junior Ayurveda Assistant.

You need the following books as text books for JAA

1. Ayurveda: A Way of Life: Ajurveda - Način življenja 

2. Ayurveda for Inner Harmony: Ajurveda za notranjo ubranost

3. Yoga: A Natural Way of Being: Joga - naravna pot bivanja

4. Programming Your Life with Ayurveda: Načrtovanje življenja z ajurvedo

5. Ayurvedic Food Culture and Recipes (available at amazon)

6. The Healing Hands (available at Amazon) Books 1 to 4 are available in Slovenian. Contact Primus Publisher If you want to learn more intensively, you may also get three extra books: 

6. Stress free work with yoga and Ayurveda (It may be available at amazon)

7. Patanjali and Ayurvedic Yoga (available at amazon)

8. Prakriti and Pulse: The two Mysteries of Ayurveda (available at amazon)


Predavanja bodo potekala v angleškem jeziku.

Več o dogodku na tel.: 040 206 065 ali na e.mail:



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